How can I resell my diamonds? | BNT Diamonds

How can I resell my diamonds?

BNT Diamonds can do a free valuation of diamonds bought at BNT Diamonds. This rating equates to the purchase price at which BNT Diamonds can purchase the same diamond at the source on that very moment, plus 5%. This purchase price, even with the increase of 5%, will still be under the price at which traditional jewelers can purchase diamonds. In other words, if the prices in the meantime won’t have fallen (and forecasts don’t indicate they will), then chances are very high that the at BNT Diamonds purchased diamond will be sold with a capital gain. This is the case for end consumers (for example via e-Bay and other commonly used sales channels), but even for traditional jewelers, as our valuation is likely to be below their purchase price limits. This will be in favor of the liquidity and the salability of your diamond. Thus, you directly benefit from the fact that you have purchased at an exceptional price.

BNT Diamonds can always consider buying your diamond (at the price at which BNT Diamonds can buy at that time, so the valued price minus 5%), but this is of course without any guarantee. This possible resale to BNT Diamonds will always depend on the following two factors:

- The number of similar diamonds we have in stocks on
that specific moment

- The current demand for diamonds with similar
specifications (carat, color, clarity, cut…)
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