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Despite the mystic and fascinating aspect of diamonds, the international diamond and jewellery industry has few secrets for Stefaan Mouradian and Steven Boelens, the founders & driving forces behind the Baunat Group. Both hold an outstanding expertise in this matter, strengthened by an accumulated and transferred knowledge over generations, and can rely on a dedicated & stable group of qualified & established shareholders.

Jointly, both entrepreneurs have covered deep insights and experiences acquired over all possible aspects of the entire 'diamond value chain pipeline': price dynamics, price trends, financial mechanism, product segmentation, consumer trends, new technologies, micro-and macro- economic trends, branding, retailing, distribution, manufacturing, insurance, globalization impact, etc. This vertical diamond pipeline starts at the diamond exploration or mining, continues with the trade in rough diamonds, diamond polishing and the distribution of cut diamonds, and ends by the production of diamond jewellery and the marketing and distribution of branded jewellery to the end consumers, spread over the world.

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These insights are not only theoretical. On the contrary, Mouradian and Boelens are 'action takers', their expertise comes from an effective and sophisticated business, accumulated via numerous and very diverse hands-on initiatives and projects in the diamond and jewellery industry, both upstream and downstream, in all relevant continents and centers.

Both gentlemen are the driving forces behind BAUNAT diamond jewellery since 2008. BAUNAT is the only digital native diamond jewellery brand to date, that stands for high quality and timeless diamond jewellery at the best possible prices. This position is credit to their exceptional ability (via a carefully developed network of 'niche' diamond manufacturers, mainly located in Surat, India) to buy diamonds at the source at the best possible prices, complemented by an ingrained corporate culture to eliminate all possible intermediaries.


It’s not surprising that both entrepreneurs inspired each other in determining this positioning by their own business philosophy:

"Money for Value, Value for Money"

Stefaan Mouradian & Steven Boelens

In other words: a fair price for purchased products or services is paid with pleasure, as long as this price reflects the intrinsic value of the underlying components of these products or services. No question to pay extra for process- and cost inefficiencies, which do not contribute to the quality of the final product.

It goes without saying that the founders’ mindset is strongly embedded in the company’s core values, which are seamlessly adopted by the entire Baunat Group team (staff, shareholders, suppliers & business partners). Numerous studies show that this attitude is also shared by a worldwide fast growing group of consumers (including the 'internet generation' or the 'informed consumer').

And last but not least: this unique price/quality philosophy is obviously very suitable to accommodate the needs of the investment diamond client segment.

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