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How to invest in diamonds in a smart way: trustworthy certificates and transparent quality

“Smart in Every Way” the slogan at BNT Diamonds. This translates to being able to give customers the best possible price without compromising on the diamond quality, transparency and service. Due to today’s focus on aspects like marketing strategies, buying high stock volumes and luxurious retail stores, some luxury brands are losing touch with the importance of transparent quality and fair pricing. For investors it is generally known that right timing & paying the best possible price is of vital importance. As a result of the unique business model, BNT Diamonds does not charge more for immaterial elements which do not contribute to the intrinsic value of the diamond(s) and so influences the return on investment (ROI) in a positive way. Every step of the process is transparent to both clients and company.

The importance of evaluating the price-quality ratio in an objective way is often forgotten. It has been proven that some companies are still putting the luxury experience first, at the expense of honest communication and pricings for their customers. Don’t be deceived by charming and well-marketed offers that are not focused on high quality and transparency. There are numerous ways that diamond traders can overvalue their diamonds: they can be ambiguous about the quality of their diamonds, work with untrustworthy laboratories or only provide in-house certificates. These are dishonest methods to deceive clients and make them pay more for lesser quality.

The importance of transparent communication

BNT Diamonds’ clients have enlightened that other companies are often vague about the quality of the investment diamonds by only giving a quality range instead of the exact quality. For example, they will assure that the bought diamond is E-F VS. The client will pay a lot for a diamond that will be at the bottom of this range, in this case F VS2. The seller is withholding highly important information about the buyer’s new acquisition to receive a higher price than it is worth. Another example of deceit is offering a diamond with an “IF” clarity, but a dishonest diamond dealer will keep silent that the diamond has e.g. a “good” cut grade. That way the worth of the gemstone will diminish significantly. It is also frequently seen that older grading systems are still used to communicate the diamond quality towards the client. Those grading systems are hardly used today and less accurate than the current official grading system using letter codes. For example using the terms ‘Wesselton’ or ‘River’ to define the colour of your selected diamond. With these terms the client is still not sure about which quality will be delivered as there is no globally recognized corresponding quality with the current grading system. This way the client is less informed about the diamonds they are buying.

The unreliability of certificates from less reputable labs and in-house certification

To determine the identity and all the unique characteristics of an investment diamond, a grading report will summarize all the exact information such as colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. The better the diamond scores on these 4C’s, the more valuable it is. Unfortunately, there are diamond traders that provide subjective certificates to sell their diamonds for a higher price while, in reality, they are selling lower quality diamonds. They do this by using in-house certificates where they establish their grading in a dishonest way. Another way untrustworthy diamond dealers obtain an inferior quality certificate is by letting less reputable and less strict labs evaluate their diamonds. An example: when a customer pays for a G VS diamond certified by less reputable labs or only delivered with an in-house certificate, there are high chances that the same diamond will be certified as H SI or lower quality diamond by independent and renowned laboratories like e.g. GIA. The client will pay more for lesser quality without being aware of this. For this reason, BNT Diamonds only works with certificates issued by renowned and independent laboratories worldwide like GIA, HDR and IGI. These institutes are worldwide well-known and reputable and can be considered as independent, transparent, objective, trustworthy and accurate and therefore the best options to secure a diamond investment.

BNT Diamonds promises

  • Unbeatable price-quality ratio thanks to the unique business model. By buying all diamonds directly at the source and so avoiding unnecessary intermediaries, BNT Diamonds can offer the highest quality diamonds at excellent prices and so reduce the risk on low or negative return on investments.
  • Choosing for a personal approach with dedicated and experienced diamond advisors who are guiding clients though the entire process. The accessible and customized client approach, in all discretion, strongly adds to the comfort of clients and ensures that they are guided in the selection of their personal, best investment option within every budget.
  • BNT Diamonds guarantees 100% transparency by only selling 100% natural diamonds, certified by internationally renowned laboratories such as GIA, HRD and IGI. Trust is of great importance within the diamond industry and since its establishment, BNT Diamonds has build a flawless reputation through excellence of service and due diligence.
  • An international recognition of our commitment based on more than 3000 reviews on Trustpilot resulting in a 5 star rating and awarded already multiple times by and BeCommerce.


Transparent communication is key when buying investment diamonds and to ensure the investment in general. Therefore only buy from companies who are using certificates from reputable labs and clear communication to secure the quality and price. BNT Diamonds will always prioritize these qualities and keep high standards, next to offering the most attractive prices thanks to the unique business model.